Royal Montserrat Police Service – During the early morning on Friday, May 19, 2023, Captain Darroux and crew responded to a May Day call about 7 nautical miles north of Montserrat. On arrival at the scene, a white yacht 41-foot-long named Palma was met with five souls on board.

Their vessel at the time was taking in water at an alarming rate. Captain Darroux having assessed the situation instructed the five-member party which included a dog to abandon ship and board mv Heliconia Star.

The four-member party consisted of Captain Basil a native of Greece and three French nationals. The rescued party were sailing from St Kitts to Guadeloupe with onward travel to Martinique when the unfortunate incident occurred.

On arrival at Port Little Bay a team from the Montserrat Fire and Rescue Service led by Fire Officer Sheldon White was on scene to render medical assistance.

The Montserrat Red Cross was informed of the mishap and ably provided personal effects to assist. Additional support was given by a combined effort from the Housing Department and Social Services where arrangements were put in place to provide them with temporary accommodation.

Though Captain Basil’s vessel sank he was very appreciative as were the others to have been rescued. They were extremely grateful for the welcoming assistance and vowed to return to fully experience the friendly hospitality they have experienced. Arrangements were then put in place for the rescued party to be taken to Guadeloupe on May 20,2023.

Designated Person Ashore Courtney Rodney continues to emphasise the importance of having saving equipment on board such as a working radio, flares and life jackets as once again it proved vital in saving the lives of the rescue party.

Commissioner Dr Caveney commends the team for an outstanding job. More so he was pleased with the unified effort of the external Government Departments and Non-Government entity that came together to offer support.