Safety Steps

Staying steps ahead.


Welcome Safety Steppers,

Meet the Founder/Director

Anderson L. Tuitt is the Founder of STEPS and Director of the STEPS Safety Awareness Program. Mr. Tuitt has achieved over twenty years of experience as an Emergency Service Professional with an accomplished history of working in public safety and disaster management.

Anderson has a strong passion for safety, safety-related issues and emergency preparedness and response hence the creation of this and other platforms to keep persons informed, educated and corresponding.

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S.T.E.P.S – (Safety Through Education Prevention and Strategy) was established to educate and inform persons about safety, issues relating to safety and emergency preparedness and response.

We are an organisation that promotes safety. Therefore, ensuring that persons have a positive attitude towards safety in their everyday lives, activities and communities. We intend to impress upon every one that safety should be the #1 priority at all times.

Our Mission

STEPS is committed to the promotion and advancement of safety. Thus providing the knowledge and skills necessary for persons to develop a “Safety First” attitude within their homes, workplaces and communities.

Our Vision

STEPS envision persons existing in safe environments that are built through concerted and sustained efforts. Also, through the continuous promotion of safety and strict adherence to safety guidelines and policies.

Our Core Values

The principles that guide our passion for safety:

Service – Going to extraordinary lengths to deliver and maintain a high level of customer service.

Teamwork – Working together to make Antigua and Barbuda a safer place.

Excellence – Striving to be the best in the field of safety.

Professionalism – Displaying an attitude that is welcoming and shows great respect for each other.

Safety – We will never compromise on our commitment to safety.


Staying steps ahead.


Safety is everyone’s business, make it yours.

Areas of Focus

Fire Safety, Medical Safety, Road Safety, Water Safety, Disaster Safety, Personal Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Response

STEPS Safety Awareness Program

The STEPS Safety Awareness Program was conceived to enlighten persons within our various communities about safe practices and emergency preparedness and response procedures. This educational and informative program will bring awareness to safety issues so that persons can operate and respond in a more safety-conscious manner.

Pictured above: Members of the business and religious communities accepting an information leaflet after a Fire Safety and Emergency Procedures Lecture. Photo credit: STEPS

As the knowledge gained is widely spread, the hope of seeing individuals within our communities being more proactive and less reactive would be a comforting realization.