CABINET NOTES – The Cabinet was informed by the Minister of Public Utilities that plans have been put in place to move potable water production from 7 million gallons daily to 9 million gallons each day, in a few weeks.

The object is to ensure that as demand grows in and around Carnival 2023, the APUA will be able to satisfy many households’ daily needs.

Drought continues to keep surface water and underground aquifers without a supply of stored, potable water; the alternative is reverse osmosis which is very expensive.

More than $100 million have been spent on purchasing and installing R/O plants since the Gaston Browne administration became the Government in 2014.

Rough seas have also caused many plants to reduce output when sand, shells, vegetation and small pebbles are sucked in through the intake pipes, imperilling the R/O plants’ functionality.

The digging of near-shore wells and the purchase of a super-filter have both helped to keep production at maximum level during rough seas.