Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) – The Comprehensive Disaster Management, Coordination and Harmonization Council (CDM CHC) was established in December 2007 following the endorsement of the enhanced CDM Strategy and Programming Framework 2007-2012.

Under this strategy, the CDEMA CU and CDM Partners were successful in establishing six Sector Sub-Committees of the CDM CHC.

The sub-committees are key to the implementation of the strategy at the sectoral level, to achieve the four CDM Priority Areas.

✅Strengthened institutional arrangements for CDM

✅Increased and sustained knowledge management and learning for CDM

✅Improved integration of CDM at sectoral levels

✅Strengthened and sustained community resilience

Through the Targeted Support to CDEMA Project, the following sector sub-committees meetings were held this year:

A meeting of the CDM CHC

Physical and Environmental Planning Sector Sub-Committee

Gender Working Group

Civil Sector Sub-Committee