Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross (ABRC) – The ABRC held its “Give a Hand” initiative on December 22, 2022. This activity is done every year to give holiday cheer to the members of the homeless community.

A number of beneficiaries received hot meals and drinks, clothing, shoes, hygiene items, and had access to onsite shower facilities.

Distributions continued into the evening for those beneficiaries who could not visit the National Society because of disabilities and illness.

The ABRCS’s Fleet department usually provides transportation for the beneficiaries to and from the National Society’s headquarters.

The ABRC is a need-driven organization that tends to the immediate needs of vulnerable individuals.

The ABRC provides members of the homeless community with food and hygiene packages throughout the year, but during the holiday season, we host an entire activity just for them.

During these activities, we also use the time to sit and speak with them so that we understand their needs and the difficulties they face from day to day. This will guide our response to combat homelessness.

The ABRC thanks the general public; it is through their generous donations that we are able to provide humanitarian relief to vulnerable individuals and for making this initiative the great success it was.

Distribution of hygiene kits and other essentials to the homeless community continues today!

The Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross Society plays a vital role in community activities and continues to serve others with pride.

Contact us at (268) 462-0800 or send us an email and join our community outreach activities. ABRCS! Always First; Always Ready; Always there!