Dale C. S. Destin – The Northeast Caribbean is in the midst of its most significant swell event for the year.

Strong winds associated with Tropical Disturbance AL99, which has morphed into a large and powerful extratropical cyclone, centred about 2500 km (1500 miles) away, are pushing relatively large swells toward the Northeast Caribbean, including Antigua and Barbuda and the rest of the Leeward Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Swells started to arrive last Sunday and will continue through next week. Swells peaked over 2.7 metres (9 feet) on Monday and will peak even higher, above 3.5 metres (12 feet), over the next 24 hours.

Swells are expected to decline a bit after the next 24 hours and will again peak at over 3 metres (10 feet) on Monday.

This will be no Swellmageddon but neither is it your garden variety swell event. It will be one of the worst swell events for the Northeast Caribbean and easily the worst swell event, thus far, for the year and of the swell season: December to April.

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