CABINET NOTES – The Department of the Environment (DOE), led by its Executive Director, came bearing samples of mosquito traps for households and the outside.

These traps were purchased through a grant provided by the Global Environmental Fund (GEF).

Mosquito traps, the Executive Director reported, were distributed to households in the McKinnon’s Swamp area and in Yorks Village where stagnant water enables mosquitos to breed in large numbers and invade the homes.

The traps are environmentally friendly and are powered by electricity. Thousands more are being imported from a wholesaler in China for distribution to households in waterlogged areas, where children live.

The fear of children contracting mosquito-borne diseases drives this policy.

The use of fogging will continue; however, fogging can be harmful to some useful flying insects and continues to be used sparingly. The traps are also being sold in hardware stores throughout Antigua.