Message from Hon. Dean Jonas on the Recent Gender-Based Home Invasions

As Minister with responsibility for Gender Affairs, it is important for me to ensure that steps are being taken to protect vulnerable groups and to make sure that they are safe and protected from all acts of violence.

In recent months, women have been the targets of home invasions by masked intruders. This is a very concerning development and requires national attention and action.

All women in this country deserve to feel safe and free from violence, particularly within the confines of their homes and with their loved ones. I strongly urge the individuals who have been the perpetrators of these despicable invasions to desist from these actions.

The Directorate of Gender Affairs has been communicating with the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda and is actively working on strategies and approaches that can be taken to raise awareness on this issue and to ensure that women are being given the type of assistance needed to prevent these attacks from taking place.

I encourage everyone to be vigilant and to be our neighbour’s keeper. It is our collective duty to ensure that our communities are safe and that our women and children are protected.

My Ministry stands committed and resolute in our role, as it relates to addressing this issue and will support law enforcement in any way that we can to help reduce the frequency in which these crimes are happening.