Urgent – Marine Weather Message
Small Craft Warning
Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services
1:45 PM Thursday 15 September 2022

…Small Craft Warning goes into effect this morning for Antigua, Barbuda, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis…

…Small Craft Warning goes into effect tomorrow afternoon for Anguilla…

…Small Craft Warning goes into effect tomorrow night for the British Virgin Islands…

Locations to be affected: Mainly open waters.

Timing: Friday for Antigua, Barbuda, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis; Friday afternoon to Saturday morning for Anguilla and Friday evening until Saturday morning for the British Virgin Islands.

Synopsis: Storm-force winds with potential hurricane gusts are expected to cause a combination of wind waves and wind swells to reach very hazardous levels, especially in open waters.

The threat level to the life, livelihood, property and infrastructure will rise for mariners to high, and there is the potential for extensive impacts.

A small craft warning means that wind speeds of 41km/h or higher (22 knots or higher) and or wind waves and or wind swells of 2.7 metres (9 feet) or greater are occurring or imminent.

Winds over open waters: Northeast, shifting to southeast on Saturday at 37 to 65 km/h (20 to 40 knots; 23 to 46 mph), with strong gusts to around 130 km/h (70 knots; 80 mph).

Seas (significant wave heights): 3 to 5 metres (10 to 16 feet), occasionally or locally reaching near 6 metres (20 feet). Wind waves and or wind swells: 2.5 to 4 metres or 8 to 14 feet and occasionally higher. The dominant wind wave period is 7 to 10 seconds.

Potential impacts: Loss of life; injuries; capsize or damage or loss of vessels and marine equipment; sea search and rescue disruptions; cancellations to sea transportation; scarcity of seafood; cancellation to marine recreation and businesses and economic losses.

Caution: Small craft operators should stay in or near port, seek safe harbour, alter course, and/or secure their vessels from severe conditions.

Please continue to monitor these hazardous, life-threatening marine conditions. Stay tuned to updates coming out of the Met Office via antiguamet.com, facebook.com/abmetservice and twitter.com/abmetservice

Forecaster: Dale Destin