Roadworks: Construction Works by C.O Williams on Valley Road North and on Sir Sydney Walling Highway.

Ongoing works associated with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda Second Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation project will affect the flow of traffic on Valley Road North and along sections of Sir Sydney Walling Highway.

Valley Road North (VRN)

1. Monday 28th March, 2022

Single lane Traffic on VRN between Sugar Ridge and Jolly Harbour. The operation will be controlled by flag persons.

2. Monday 28th March to 2nd April 2022.

Single-lane traffic on VRN between Bolans and Jennings controlled by flag persons.

3. Thursday 31 March to Saturday 2nd April 2022

Single-lane traffic on VRN from Thursday to Saturday between Ffryes and Valley Church. The work will be controlled by flag persons.

Work on Sir Sydney Walling Highway (SSWH):

There will be single-lane traffic on SSWH between the Transport Board office and SGWH from Monday28th March to Wednesday 30th March 2022. Flag persons will control the flow of traffic. Road users are urged to proceed with caution. -END-