March 15 is World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD), an annual occasion for celebration, impact and global solidarity within the international consumer movement. Each year, consumer organisations mark WCRD by joining together to highlight and raise awareness of an issue that is important to consumers around the world. 

The theme this year is “Fair Digital Finance”. In a rapidly changing marketplace, World Consumer Rights Day will spark the first-ever global conversation, making the case for solutions that put consumer rights at the core of meaningful and long-last change.  

To mark the occasion the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division will be hosting two zoom forums as follows: 

Wednesday 9th March 2022, 10am to noon. 

Public Forum: Why Digital Finance 

Feature presentation: Antigua Barbuda Bankers Association 

Zoom: ID: 819 4449 7122     Password: 877397 

Wednesday 15th March 2022, 10am to noon. 

Public Forum: DCash 

Feature presentation: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank 

Zoom: ID: 833 5158 6780      Password: 329431 

For more information contact the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division at 462-4347.