The Covid-19 pandemic dominated the discussion and decision-making in the Cabinet. The Minister of Health advised that there are only six (6) active COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda at this time. – Nonetheless, the OMICRON Variant is causing some concern since it may become necessary to reverse the Cabinet’s earlier decisions.

The Cabinet determined that visitors and returning nationals may not utilize Rapid Antigen tests to enter. Beginning December 8th 2021, only PCR tests, no more than 3 days old, can be utilized for entry into Antigua and Barbuda.

Up to 100 government workers returning to work today, December 1st 2021, can be tested; hence, should the number returning exceed 100, those workers will have to undergo the COVID-19 test on another day. However, they cannot return to their workplace until such time as they have been tested.

The public is reminded that all un-vaccinated government workers are required to undergo COVID-19 testing every 14 days. Only 100 workers can be tested per day. Testing is conducted at the Villa Polyclinic. -The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda has contracted to purchase 25,000 test kits from India that will be used widely. They will add to the stock of test kits already in the arsenal of Covid-19 supplies.

More than 22,000 vaccine ID cards have been printed. The hardworking team producing the cards is capable of printing as many as 1,000 cards per day. Emails and in-person submissions constitute a significant number of the backlog being addressed by the hard-working team. Card production entails a series of due diligence checks in order to ensure the absence of fraud, before production and distribution.