ROSEAU, DOMINICA: Observations made by a team of UWI-SRC scientists accompanied by staff of the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division and local volunteer volcanologist with the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) on a field trip to Boiling Lake, Dominica on 22/11/21 indicate that water levels have increased since a decline in activity was reported on 18 November 2021.

The Lake is now approximately 2m below its normal level. Water temperatures are within the normal range at ~ 87°C.

There was a small, fresh landslide observed near the outlet of the Lake. Based on scientific knowledge of how the Lake behaves, these fluctuations occur when there is a blocking of the vents beneath the lake. This limits the flow of gas and water into the Lake and when vents are unblocked the flow resumes. Water levels may therefore fluctuate before returning to normal.

During these episodes, harmful gases such as Carbon Dioxide can be released and small steam explosions may also occur. People should, therefore, avoid visiting the immediate area at the Boiling Lake until the activity has subsided.

The UWI-SRC and Dominica’s Office of Disaster Management (ODM) with support from the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division, are continuing to monitor the situation and will provide updates.

Source: UWI-Seismic Research Centre and Office of Disaster Management-Dominica