Bridgetown, Barbados November 18, 2021– CDEMA has recommitted its mandate to integrate geospatial technologies into disaster risk management through a renewed MOU with MapAction. The humanitarian mapping charity has been a key partner to CDEMA’s digital transformation, and the MOU will allow for further Geographic Information System (GIS) support from 2021-2025.

Executive Director of CDEMA Ms. Elizabeth Riley stated, “The renewal of our MOU supports our vision of a digitally transformed CDEMA, essential to positioning CDEMA for the future. We are committed to the integration of digital technology into all areas of CDEMA’s operations and we thank MapAction for supporting us on this journey.”

MapAction was a key partner in the development of CDEMA’s GeoCRIS and has been a facilitator for training of personnel in the CDEMA Participating States (PSs). Executive Director of MapAction, Ms. Elizabeth Hughes shared that she is confident in the future of the partnership, with opportunities to provide both remote and on the ground support to CDEMA. “This is a very important and timely moment for the ongoing partnership between CDEMA and MapAction. In wake of COP26, we all know the challenges that we will collectively face in the days, months, and years to come,” Hughes explained.

The MOU will support CDEMA’s capacity for geospatial support to deployment teams of the Regional Response Mechanism, allow for GIS training across the PSs and provide geospatial mapping and technical support upon request.