ABS TV/Radio – The General Public is being notified that the contracting firm for roadworks associated with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda Second Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project, COWCL is carrying out works on Valley Road North (VRN), and on Sir Sydney Walling Highway (SSWH) at the locations listed below.

Also indicated for the notice of the public is the effect that the stated works will have on vehicular traffic.

Valley Road North (VRN)

Work continues on the Culvert at Little Creek. ALL Traffic MUST use the diversion.

Sir Sydney Walling Highway (SSWH)

Single Lane Traffic between Charlies Service Station and the Transport Board’s Office. Traffic is controlled by Flag Persons during the day and by Traffic Lights at night. Please obey the signals given by the Flag Persons and by the Traffic Lights.

Single Lane Traffic between Parham Corner and Mount Joy Roundabout during daylight hours only. Traffic will be controlled by Flag Persons.

The contractor has been digging a trench on the Southern side of SSWH approaching the Potworks Junction travelling westwards from Pares Village. The trench will be left open at night and is marked with Caution Tape, Cones and Open Trench Signs. Extreme caution must be observed at night in particular. –END-