Dale C. S. Destin – April is known for its showers across the globe, but for Antigua, it was an unusually wet month this year. It was the wettest April in a decade for the Country with 118.1 mm (4.65 in). This is over 153% of the normal total for the month, which typically sees around 77.0 mm (3.03 in) annually.

The last time the fourth month of the year had more rainfall was in 2013. This April also had the 12 highest total rainfall of all Aprils on record dating back to 1928.

The rainfall for April fell pretty much in a heap. Over 80 percent of the precipitation for the month fell in a few days with over 75 mm (over 3 in) falling in one day across some areas. Prior to this rainfall, April was projected to turn out seriously dry.

Image credit: Dale Destin-268 Weather

The unusually high rainfall over the few days in April was caused by a combination of factors, including a trough of low pressure and sea-breeze convergence aided by unusually light winds from non-traditional directions.

The higher-than-usual rainfall for April has also contributed to the month’s rainfall remaining on a statistically significant positive trend i.e., getting wetter, over the past 96 years. This remains the only month with a positive rainfall trend for the Country.

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