GUYANA DEFENCE FORCE – Military representatives from the United States and several partner nations are gathered in Georgetown for the Final Planning Conference (FPC) for Exercise Tradewinds 2023.

Exercise Tradewinds will take place in Guyana from July 14-28 and will include the participation of 17 partner nations, 3 allied nations and several regional organisations.

The FPC is the culminating event for all planning for the exercise and will provide planners with the space to have a last check of the status of planning and preparation for the event execution and to finalize, publish and distribute all key exercise plans and documents. It will also provide the opportunity for all concerned to resolve remaining issues and endorse the final planning product.

Commandant of the Guyana People’s Militia, Colonel Trevor Bowman declared the conference open, welcomed the participants, and communicated the Force’s commitment toward working with all its partners for yet another successful hosting of Exercise Tradewinds.

Exercise Tradewinds is the United States Southern Command-sponsored multinational Caribbean security exercise designed to expand the region’s capability in several areas.