CABINET NOTES: –The Cabinet held discussions with the General Manager of APUA by way of telephone on the challenges posed by the production and distribution of potable water.

Rough seas have significantly reduced production capability from 11 million gallons daily. Demand however, has remained at approximately 13 million gallons daily.

Consequently, water rationing has become very important to ensure that the highly-valued and necessary substance is supplied equitably during this period of turbid seas.

The General Manager has assured the Cabinet that as the Easter/Spring season approaches, the seas will be calmer and the reverse osmosis plants can function near 100% capacity.

There is also an alternative in the use of super filters that can be attached to the intake pipe to reduce significantly the intake of sand, shells, pebbles and vegetation that severely harm the membranes that separate the salt from the water.

Another desalination plant is scheduled to be constructed near the Village of Bethesda; it will produce 3.5 million gallons daily, thereby meeting and exceeding the current supply and demand for water.