CABINET NOTES – The Cabinet invited the Electricity Manager and one Electricity Engineer, both from the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA), to its meeting in order to enquire into the speeding-up of lighting of dark areas in the City of St. John’s and its environs.

The question of personal security and of having well-lit areas at night, to discourage criminal activity, has been pursued by Cabinet.

The APUA Electricity Manager pointed to ongoing road repairs and road-building by the Ministry of Works that cause a halt in erecting light poles.

The Manager also informed that more than 100 wooden poles are currently in APUA’s possession, allowing for additional lights where necessary.

The Manager also reported that the gifted solar streetlights could have been better engineered; the batteries were far too low on the pole, allowing for thievery. Nevertheless, the APUA is determined to make the most of the stored ones remaining, soonest.