Urgent – Weather Message
High Wind Advisory
Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services
10:00 pm Wednesday 15 February 2023

…High Wind Advisory goes into effect Thursday night for Antigua, Barbuda, Montserrat, St. Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands…

Locations to be affected: Especially coastal waters, elevated terrains, exposed coastal areas and open terrains, on the windward side of the islands.

Timing: Thursday night until Friday morning.

Synopsis: Strong gusty winds are expected, owing to a steep pressure gradient. The direct wind threat level will be minimal to life, livelihood, property and infrastructure; notwithstanding, these winds could make some outdoor activities uncomfortable, if not outright dangerous.

High winds could create dangerous falling or blowing objects. A High Wind Advisory means strong winds in the range of 40 to 48 km/h (25 to 31 mph, 22 to 27 knots) with higher gusts imminent or occurring.

Wind: East-northeast at 30 to 45 km/h (16 to 24 knots; 18 to 28 mph), with strong gusts to over gale-force or around 68 km/h (37 knots; 42 mph).

Potential impacts: Includes injuries; very hazardous seas; soil erosion; localized disruptions of some businesses; disruption to outdoor and sporting activities; disruptions of transportation (air and especially sea); vehicular accidents and financial losses.

Caution: Residents should secure loose, light outdoor items, which can be blown away, and caution should be taken when driving.

Please continue to monitor. Stay tuned to updates coming out of the Met Office via antiguamet.com and facebook.com/abmetservice

Forecaster: Dale Destin