The contractor for ongoing works under the Second Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project is hereby notifying the public of the work for the installation of a Culvert, on Valley Road North (VRN) (at the Southern end of Jennings, close to the Chinese Supermarket) from Wednesday 1st February 2023.

The contractor plans for the work to be finished by Friday 3rd February 2023.

The nature of the work will result in diversions through the western side of the village during daylight hours only. Road users are urged to follow the diversion signs, flag persons and or the Police.

Northbound Traffic:

Road users travelling north on VRN are asked to follow the diversions sign and divert left on the Yorks Bay Road, then right through the village before rejoining the main road.

Southbound Traffic:

Road users travelling south on VRN will divert right at the diversion sign, then left through the village, then left on the Yorks Bay Road to rejoin the main road.

Delays will be unavoidable during this period and persons are encouraged to adjust their travel times accordingly. -END-