If you reside in or you are from the Caribbean, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) as it is known in the industrial realms or cooking gas for us less polished folks, is a vital commodity in most, if not all households.

It is the main source of fuel for cooking, baking, frying and producing most culinary delights.

So when the thought of this vital product not being in its usual abundance for the Christmas Season seemed like a possibility, it was enough to send many people into a state of frenzy.

I mean, the thought of having wasted time and effort planning to cook and then devour the infamous hams, turkeys and cakes and other delightful confectioneries was simply unimaginable.

It would no doubt put a damper on the Christmas festivities as, after all, tradition is king in the Caribbean.

But one cannot dictate the ways of nature, and from time to time the routine docking of the vessel carrying cooking gas is delayed by rough seas.

And I dare say, it provided no comfort to residents that the local MET Office issued a High Surf Warning which meant “no go” for sea bathers and sun seekers. But it also meant no go for the tanks of cooking gas that needed to be distributed island-wide.

Gas was as scarce as Santa’s elves the remaining 364 days of the year.

Fortunately, before long, the sea became calm enough to allow the vessel through to carefully make its way to Antigua’s port.

And all Christmas bakers let off a sigh of relief!

Who is to thank for that swift relief?

The Caribbean is known for its many adages and “cooking with gas” is no stranger to that long and historical list of phrases filled with some level of truth and wisdom.

This proverb simply refers to one working or carrying out a task with great efficiency and effectiveness which results in happiness for the receiver.

And so, it is fair to say that staff at the West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) were “cooking with gas” in their efforts to avoid a Christmas catastrophe.

Though many may not have known the behind-the-scenes logistics to make it happen, the end result was definitely in the favour of the masses.

Whatever category of need one may have found themselves in, it is safe to say that a collective and resounding sigh of relief was heard nationally.

The joys, sights, sounds and of course the scents of Christmas have been permeating the atmosphere thanks to our dear buddy Mr. Gas.

But remember that “fun brings fart” and that more cooking does increase the risk of you being hurt and damaging your properties.

Let’s all do our best to remain safe in and out of the kitchen. Here are a few safety tips to keep you and your family safe.

Click for Safety Tips: https://safetysteps.org/2022/12/25/fire-safety-in-the-kitchen/

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