The UWI Seismic Research Centre, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago W.I. December 13, 2022-Regional earthquake and volcano monitoring was recently invigourated with the construction of a new monitoring station in the Northern Range of Trinidad. 

Previously a station was located at the Seismic Centre at the Corner of Gordon Street and Bates Trace, St. Augustine, however as anthropogenic (human-related) activity increased, the need for a quieter location became a priority.

The newest addition to the seismic network is furnished with instruments to measure both weak and strong ground motion, which gives it the capability to detect and record with high quality, a wide range of ground motion. 

The site will also serve as a communication hub, bolstering high-speed data communication for other local stations.  

Commissioning of this new monitoring station adds important redundancy to the Centre’s data communications network, which employs predominantly the Internet in the local segment.

The location enables line-of-sight radio communication (the ability to connect to other stations without interference) with several existing and candidate station sites in Trinidad.

Its predecessor, the seismic station on Gordon Street has the distinction of being one of the oldest seismographs in the region.

In 1964 it was chosen to function as one of the World Wide Standard Seismograph Network of stations and was upgraded with trial-axial long period and short period sensors.

Over the years, it developed the reputation of being a quiet site that is ideally located to record seismic waves from interesting sources such as the Mid-Atlantic ridge.

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