CABINET NOTES – The Minister of Health reported that one infant’s life was saved when she underwent a Liver transplant after having been flown out of Antigua.

Because of the infrequency with which liver transplants are required, the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC) has been gearing up to, instead, undertake more Kidney transplants.

A brand new Renal Center, which will include more dialysis machines, will be launched early in the New Year when the construction and the outfitting of the new building will be completed.

The new building is located on the grounds of the old Holberton Hospital. When the dialysis unit is transferred to its new location, the space at the SLBMC will then be occupied by a new Cardiac Unit to assist persons suffering from heart conditions.

Because few live donors step forward to gift a kidney to a relative, friend or stranger, consideration is being given to amending the law allowing for Kidney farming to take place.