Dear Parents/Guardians, Teachers,

Respiratory Virus Season is Here! This usually starts October/November and ends February/March.

How may this affect our little ones?

This may cause your child to have a mild cold to include a stuffy or runny nose, cough and a fever which may last from one to three days.

Other children however can have more severe manifestations to include chest infections.

What are the red flags which should cause you to seek medical attention?

• Wheezing
• Fast Breathing
• Increased work of breathing i.e. pulling in between or under the ribs, pulling in at the base of the neck
• Turning blue
• Poor feeding
• Stridor or a crowing noise
• Lethargy

Please note as children come together and play in daycares, schools or any other place that they get close to each other it allows them to easily spread the virus to each other.

What can I do if my child has the cold but not showing any of the above red flags?

• Keep child hydrated. Child may prefer fluids more than solids and that’s fine.

• Fever control – utilize Tylenol/Paracetamol. Use Advil/Ibuprofen post-discussion with your healthcare provider.

• Clear nostrils of mucous – saline nose drops can help, consider suction in the younger ones if needed.

DO NOT just pick up cold medicines off the shelf, especially in children under 4 years. Consult with your healthcare provider

• Honey is NOT allowed in any child UNDER the age of 1.

• Hand washing is key
• Keep children home when ill!
• Remind your children not to touch their faces and not to share food and drink. This is challenging but reminders are useful!

Shared with Love:
Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre; Paediatric Department