There will be single-lane traffic and slow-moving traffic along some sections of project roads under the government of Antigua and Barbuda Second Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project is now underway. 

Traffic Interventions for this week beginning 12th September, 2022

• Single Lane Traffic on Valley Road North (VRN) with diversion between the turn-off to Cedar Hall Moravian Church and the turn-off to Pearns to complete the full-depth reconstruction. Work is expected to be completed before the end of the week.

• Single Lane Traffic on VRN between the Jennings Secondary School and the turn-off to the Cedar Hall Moravian Church. This should be completed by Wednesday of this week.

• Single lane Traffic on VRN in Bolans Village.  This work is expected to start after Wednesday of this week.

• Single Lane Traffic on VRN in Golden Grove to complete repairs to a box drain

• Single Lane Traffic on Sir Sydney Walling Highway (SSWH)  in Glanvilles area to construct drains/sidewalks at the relocated property boundaries

Road users are urged to proceed with caution when travelling through the work zones. Signs will be on hand to provide guidance to road users. 

Pedestrians are advised to walk carefully in areas where footpaths are closed as a result of ongoing road work.