STRATCOM PRESS RELEASE: In an effort to further ensure the safety and security of every citizen in Antigua and Barbuda, the police have stepped up their crime-fighting measures, and are equally appealing to residents to heighten their security awareness.

Already, several ‘Stop and Search’ exercises were conducted in certain targeted areas, as well as search warrants were executed on premises where criminal activities are suspected to be taking place.

There is also an increase in police patrols across the island with special emphasis placed on events with large gatherings.

The Police Administration has given further assurance that these measures will continue into the carnival season and beyond. Additionally, the police have provided several Crime Prevention Tips that will help to keep residents and visitors safe.

These include:

1. Paying closer attention to your own personal safety and knowing what is happening around you.

2. Avoid exposing valuables, such as jewellery and large amounts of cash in public places.

3. Always ensure that your property is properly protected by using quality locks to secure both windows and doors.

4. Homeowners are warned not to leave keys in hiding places for other occupants of the home. This is no longer a safe practice.

5. Residents are further cautioned against leaving valuable items inside vehicles in plain view.  This may attract thieves to break into your vehicle.

6. Street vendors should ensure that they have adequate security measures in place; including proper lighting to secure their cash and other valuables throughout the season of carnival.

7. Livestock and vegetable farmers are encouraged to make regular checks on their farms and to report all suspicious activities to any of the police stations without delay.

8. Shops and store owners are asked to pay closer attention to the operations of their businesses, while at the same time monitoring the movement of persons entering and leaving their business places.   

9. The police are warning members of the public to desist from purchasing items that are believed to have been stolen or illegally obtained.  

Anyone with information concerning any suspicious transaction can contact the nearest police station or call the Crimestoppers Hotline at 800-Tips (8477).

The cooperation of the general public is expected as the police continue to work towards providing the best possible service to everyone.