As the hurricane season, still in its early stages, slowly brings rain to Antigua and Barbuda, the cleaning of Little Country Pond should be considered a move in the right direction to reduce the effects of disasters like floods.

The pond is aesthetically pleasing in the eyes of many, environmentally friendly to mother nature and from a flood mitigation standpoint, the timing is great because the hurricane season is also the beginning of the wet season in the Caribbean.

People unfamiliar with our seasons would think we experience dry weather year round but that is only due to intense drought conditions over the last 10 years. We continue to hold out believing that our luck will change whether through divine intervention or any other means. Any relief from these ongoing drought conditions is definitely welcomed.

But in the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to prepare for heavy rainfall. Flood mitigation controls are integral to our national emergency preparedness plans for heavy downpours. The kind of downpours we wish to experience during this hurricane season – minus the strong winds.

When floodwater enters this little but very important pond, it slows the rate at which water flows into Country Pond (the larger pond). This helps to control the flood water as it makes its way through the city eventually reaching the sea.

As we have seen, on an unsuspecting day as the sky opens and relieves itself of its watery burden, water aggressively makes its way through the large drain that runs parallel to Tanner Street. On dry days many motorists use this large drain for parking to compensate for the lack of parking space in the capital city.

But on the now rare days when Antigua experience sudden and heavy downpour, one will appreciate the foresight and knowledge of those who designed and constructed this culvert. It reduces the chance of damage as a result of flooding in the city.

The daily economical value that Country Pond represents to the car wash attendants who ply their daily trade is another welcomed benefit. Whatever the reason or purpose Little Pond, Big Pond; Country Ponds all play a very vital role within the confines of the city.