The Cabinet invited the General Manager of APUA, the Water Manager and the Supervisor Responsible for the many valves that determine water flow following production at the many reverse osmosis plants.

The APUA Team reported that the drought is getting worse while the demand for water has increased; the APUA is also increasing its output by adding new membranes and new filters to unit number 8 at Crabbes Peninsular.

The output at Crabbes has increased to 3.7 million gallons daily and when the other unit comes on stream from the 15th of June, Crabbes will produce 4 million gallons daily.
ii. Demand for water at this time exceeds 8 million gallons daily; APUA is currently producing 6.5 million gallons at this time.

The deficit is to be cured by bringing online the new Fort James Plant that will be producing 500,000 gallons in the first phase; the Bethesda plant which will be producing 3 million gallons when it is constructed; and, by regular maintenance of the Barnacle Point plant and the Camp Blizzard plant.

The Cabinet decided that until there is sufficient water being produced that it will summon the APUA Water Manager to its meeting every week.