The Cabinet agreed that the water challenges are to be successfully addressed by September 30th 2022.

By that time three (3) additional Reverse Osmosis plants will likely come on stream to supplement the 6.5 million gallons of water daily to exceed 9 million gallons, daily.

The current demand is 8 million gallons daily. The global-logistics challenge, with ships being delayed for lengthy periods, is one of the challenges which the APUA will have to overcome.

The ordered plants and pipes have been delayed because of the trucking and shipping issues from the countries where the items have been purchased.

The drought in Antigua and Barbuda has also impacted APUA’s ability to provide as much water as is required. The worst rainfall figures in a century were recorded last year.

While the government continues to hope for rainfall, the Cabinet has taken the position that this drought may continue for a long time and that reverse osmosis water is surely to become the only source of potable water.