One more damaged bus shed was recently spotted on one of the nation’s main thoroughfares on the Sir George Walter Highway.

This brings to three the number of damaged structures on this particular stretch of road. A total of six damaged bus sheds have now been recorded on the recently rehabilitated roadways with two others on Friar’s Hill Road and one on Cross Street.

The damaged structure is located close to a multi-storey building that’s presently under construction and on the shoulder of the far left southbound lane.

One of the rear glasses on the structure has been shattered and the cause is a mystery to motorists and the general public alike.

The same mystery that shrouds many of the other similar structures which have met the same fate.

Residents continue to express their shock and dismay at these incidents but what is evenly alarming is the frequency at which this has been happening.

This is the third bus shed so far for the year to be discovered damaged.

To date, no information has been provided by the Police or the Works Ministry as to what or who could be the cause of these glass shattering discoveries.

In previous comments posted on various social media platforms, some residents have alleged that the damages may be acts of vandalism.

Others are of the opinion that the damages may be caused by workers cleaning or maintaining the aesthetics of the highways or accidents due to passing vehicles picking up and dislodging stones or other small amounts of debris.

Once again members of the public with information who can bring about answers to these damaged bus sheds are urged to contact the relevant authorities namely the Police Force or the Ministry of works.