The mystery surrounding the destruction of bus sheds continues to grow as yet another of the recently erected structures on the nation’s highways was found damaged. A bus shed in the vicinity of the Jasmine Court complex on Friars Hill Road was found with some of its glass covering smashed.

This recent finding brings to five, the total number of bus sheds that have so far been damaged on the freshly rehabilitated roadways namely Sir George Walter Highway, Friar’s Hill Road and cross Streets.

One of two unrepaired bus sheds in the vicinity of the public cemetery on Friar’s Hill Road was destroyed due to a vehicle collision while damage to the other on Cross Street still remains a mystery.

The latter can also be said about two bus sheds that are located on the Sir George Walter Highway as the cause of the damages still remains unsolved.

Members of the public are once again urged to provide the police with any information they might have regarding the latest damages to the bus shed on Friars Hill Road or any of the previously damaged ones.