The Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force (ABDF) Airwing conducted an emergency Medical Evacuation (medevac) of a COVID 19 patient from Barbuda to Antigua.

The patient under the care of the Hannah Thomas Hospital on the sister Island was experiencing severe respiratory symptoms.

A decision to relocate her to Antigua was made however due to the unfavourable weather conditions this could not be done safely by sea. An emergency assistance request was made to ABDF and Alpha1 was deployed to conduct its first medevac flight.

Despite the high winds, heavy rainfall, and a wet airstrip in Barbuda, Alpha1 made the trip across to Barbuda, collected the patient, medical team and equipment, and returned to Antigua safely.

The patient was met at the airport and transported by ambulance to SLBMC. The entire operation from receiving the emergency request call to arrival in Antigua took less than 3 hours.

The operation of the ABDF Airwing expands the capability of the Force #paratus to provide emergency response and services to the nation.

Always Ready To Serve, the ABDF and crew of ALPHA1 wish the patient a speedy recovery.