March 4th 2022 – The Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force Coast Guard (ABDF-CG) along with the Antigua and Barbuda and Search and Rescue (ABSAR) team responded to an emergency distress call for sailing vessel MAJOR CHORD approximately 8 miles south of English Harbour.

S/V MAJOR CHORD had no engine or bilge pump and was taking on water with no pump on board to remove the water. There were two persons on board.

ABDF-CG and ABSAR Rescue 2 responded to the scene and provided electrical pumps to remove approximately 4 feet of seawater from the cabin of the vessel. S/V MAJOR CHORD was then escorted safely to Falmouth Harbour where she is anchored. The two sailors rescued appeared to be in good health and were not in need of medical attention.

Always Ready To Serve, ABDF CG continues to provide professional service to the maritime community of Antigua and Barbuda.