The Cabinet held a discussion on relaxing COVID-19 restrictions as pertaining to a number of nationals of Antigua and Barbuda who wish to return home but are not vaccinated; the discussions on relaxing the restrictions for visiting tourists will continue.

The Cabinet consulted with the Deputy Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Health Inspector, inviting both to address the Executive on the plans to ease the restrictions for returning nationals. Following intense discussions, with safety and security serving as underlying concerns, the Cabinet agreed to allow unvaccinated nationals to return to their homeland, provided:

i. The national is to be required to take either a PCR Test or a Rapid Antigen test, within four days of departure to Antigua.

ii. The national, upon arrival in Antigua, will agree to spend 7 to 10 days in quarantine with a tracking bracelet and will take another test prior to joining his/her family and friends.

Antigua and Barbuda is transitioning into a new norm while the fight against Omicron is not over, the Cabinet agreed. Vaccination of those who have not yet submitted to the jabs is still required; the vaccination is being carried out at Glanvilles and Villa Polyclinics and the Multipurpose, Cultural and Exhibition Centre. The data show that the number of persons contracting Covid-19 has fallen to nine persons per week. The objective is to keep the number of persons contracting Covid extremely low.