“V-Day” or Valentine’s Day is a widely acknowledged and celebrated international occasion.

An occasion that is filled with the display of love, usually exemplified by the giving of gifts to that special someone or someone(s) in some cases.

But apart from the romance that marks Valentine’s Day, there is also the less talked about aspect of actually feeling loved and being safe around the people you care about.

That’s why STEPS (Safety Through Education Prevention and Strategy) has created a series of safety-related images which it has posted on its website and other social media platforms. We want everyone to feel loved and to keep their families and homes protected through sound personal safety and fire safety practices.


Fire Safety Tip #1 is to eliminate or reduce the spread of fire before it even begins. That’s right, have at least one working Smoke Alarm and Fire Extinguisher installed in your home, lest you no longer have one. This not only shows that you care about the life of your family but it ensures that the necessary fire protection devices are available should the need arise.

Fire Safety Tip Number #2 is simple enough we think, and that is to safely use candles. Although they may seem like a good alternative when we are plunged into darkness or add to the ambience of an intimate moment, these products can pose serious hazards if not used correctly. The use of flameless candles is greatly encouraged as these have no open flames which are by far safer to use.

Though it’s a day to celebrate love, unfortunate incidents of domestic abuse or violence do not suddenly disappear on V-Day.

Safety Tip #3 is a matter of personal safety, and STEPS encourages persons to practice proper conflict resolution skills and to walk away from situations that can be harmful and possibly lead to death.

As an organization that promotes a “safety first” attitude, STEPS denounces any form of domestic abuse or violence.

And we all know that one of the quickest ways to bring out our “bad side” is good old spirit and not the one you find on your way inside Big Church on Christmas Eve! If you know you are likely to get unruly with one too many glasses of English Harbour Rum, then you may want to limit your alcohol consumption. The abuse of alcohol can lead to self-harm, cause injury to others and in some cases cause death.

And we shall part with this advice that personal responsibility is key when partying up a storm or showing love to that special someone(s). Remember to always make safety a top priority.