The Christmas Season is upon us and it’s an occasion for increased commercial, social and criminal activities. With the latter in mind, residents should be on heightened alert for thefts, robberies, break-ins and other crimes that not only deprive a person of their personal possessions but their sense of safety and security.

Business owners must ensure that various safety and security measures are adopted and that they are functioning at optimum levels. Some of these measures could include the installation of CCTV systems and the hiring of Security Officers or a combination of both.

Watch the video for a few Crime Prevention Safety Tips:

Employees likewise must also understand that they too have a vested interest in the safety and security of the business. Hence, the need to be alert at all times for suspected criminal activity.

Residential properties should never appear to be easy targets for criminals. The strategizing and coordinating of movements between friends and families can assist in reducing the risk of a person becoming a victim of a crime or a property being burglarized.

The formation of neighbourhood watch groups, the harmonizing of efforts with existing groups and collaborating with law enforcement could also prove to be a “spike in the road” for those with criminal intentions.

Personal Crime Prevention Safety Tips:

  • Plan your route ahead of time. Never walk alone at night; walk with a friend or your dog.
  • Use well-lit streets, not dark alleys or bushy areas.
  • Be alert to what’s all around you! Look behind you occasionally.
  • Don’t carry large sums of money or wear valuable jewelry.
  • Don’t resist an armed robber. Hand over whatever is demanded quickly and quietly.
  • Remember, your life and safety is worth more than any personal property.

However, despite the best efforts to secure life and property, the inevitable can happen. Therefore, it must be said and reiterated as many times as possible that “property can be replaced, so the need to safeguard life in all situations must be the first priority.”