The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) pointed out that approximately 58,000 residents are fully vaccinated and 4,000 partially vaccinated, and that no one is currently hospitalized with Covid.

The authorities will continue to send SARS CoV 2 positive samples to CARPHA for genomic sequencing in order to detect the Omicron variant should it be present. To date, Antigua and Barbuda has NOT recorded a single case of this variant, although it is only a matter of time before it will reach the shores of many Caribbean countries.

In the past week visitors have come from more than 77 countries all carrying ID cards showing that they are fully vaccinated; yet, a small number has been identified as infected. The population must, therefore, be prepared to live with Covid; and, many will have to take a booster shot to protect against possible infection.

The Cabinet encourages everyone who is eligible to take the Covid-19 Vaccine. -The Minister of Health reported that the Global Climate Facility (GCF) will provide a grant of US$32,000,000.00 in February to improve climate resilience in Antigua and Barbuda. Several projects have already been identified for funding.