The long-awaited lifting of the State of Emergency and Curfew will now take place on Wednesday, December 22 at 12am. This is according to the communication issued by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda in its weekly Cabinet Notes.

It further states that all citizens and residents are to continue to wear face masks; they are to continue to engage in sanitizing of the hands and to engage in social distancing as far as is possible.

1. All bars and clubs and private parties over the Christmas Holidays are to continue to request vaccine ID cards for entry; no other form of Covid-19 vaccination identification shall be accepted. Vaccination ID’s issued overseas for tourists and returning nationals, upon entry into Antigua and Barbuda will be accepted at the Bars and Clubs.

2. The State of Emergency and Curfew will end on 23rd December 2021. Nevertheless, the retention of the established COVID-19 protocols shall still govern. The Central Board of Health (CBH) and Law Enforcement will monitor behaviours on the beach and at the bars and clubs should it appear that the rules are being disregarded. The object is to ensure that there will be no spike in COVID cases after the Christmas Holidays.

There shall be no clustering, no consumption of liquor, no music and no picnicking on the beaches even after the state of emergency has been lifted. It is anticipated that there will be an increase in the number of infections following the Christmas Holidays; therefore all citizens and residents are expected to display caution during the Holiday Season since they may become infected by unvaccinated people. Everyone is encouraged to get the vaccine if they have not done so yet.